Generates a day of adventure based on a theme, location, and budget. Through machine learning and by partnering with companies like Uber and Venmo, Wingin’ It does the work for you.
How can a platform take the social anxiety out of event planning for every participant?
Who: Our demographic is young professionals, primarily 18 to 30 year olds, who are looking to try something out of their comfort zone and experience something new.

The problem: Current event planning involves lots of sifting through multiple interfaces, arguments, and planning. This usually results in staying at home, or continuing the same routine.
Market Review
The future of service design is changing. We researched platforms that are streamlining services to become a more personal and efficient experience.
Personalized Groups
Excessive Information
Connect with friends
Personalized Groups
Excessive Information
Meeting new people
Worried about safety
Streamlined service
Difficult to split fees
Streamlined Service
Not available in the US
We sent out a google survey to understand how people find and plan events. We received 40 reviews.
“Reminding people to pay you back.”
“There can be so much information it can be hard to know where to start to search for events.
“They’re never all on the same app or place.”
“Having different interests, it’s hard deciding on something that everyone wants to do.”
Persona 1: Solo User
Young professional, age 28

Hannah feels that after work and stays in too often. Hannah wants to go and try something new with her time, but after scrolling through all of the events on her phone she feels overwhelmed by the options and decides to stay in.

Hannah wants to try something outside of her comfort zone as well as meet people outside of her work. She wants to be more sustainable and would prefer biking overdriving to get around town.

After working all day, Hannah is unmotivated to plan herself. She is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content on current event applications.

Persona 2: Dating User
Young professional, age 23

Mark is talking to a girl on Bumble and really likes her. He’s never asked out anyone on a dating app before and is afraid that anything that he comes up with that she might say no due to the fact that women tend to not feel safe meeting up with strangers.

A safe environment, mid-cost, an evening that his date will also enjoy, or a romantic, planned out evening.

Not knowing how much his date wants to spend or what she would like to do, feeling safe meeting up with a stranger, afraid he might get stood up.

Persona 3: Group User
Grad student, age 26

Varun, Kim, Jade and Miles are all in town for a few more days before heading home for winter break and want to hang out Friday. They are all great friends, but all have very different personalities and interests. Varun and Miles are down for anything, but Jade and Kim are both stubborn and can’t compromise on anything.

A day that everyone will enjoy, low budget, team oriented and exciting.

Getting everyone on board to go do something, people not committing or not paying back, having to plan and use multiple apps to coordinate events together.

Application Opportunities
Streamline information and integrate the ease of use of different platforms into one place.
Custom Curation
Consider all parties various constraints and preferences.
Liberate any or all members from the stress and dependence of event planning.
Help users break out of their comfort zone by providing similar but different interests in their local area.
Interaction Points
Exhibition Space
Vending Machine
Tone, Langugage
Color, Font, Logo
Machine Learning
Company Partnerships
User Journey
Business Model
Wingin'it's aggregator business model is a network model where the business collects the information about a particular good/service providers, make the providers their partners, and sell their services under its own brand.
My partners and I ideated mapped out the task flow to better understand how it aligns with different user journeys.
Task flow
We looked at the high level architectures to optimize and simplify our platform.
We started to sketch out low-fidelity wireframes to brainstorm ways for the user interface to be intuitive.
Visual Language Moodboard
We wanted to our brand to embody a cohesive yet playful identity.
Color Insporation
We took inspiration from birds with vibrant colors such as the parakeet and cockatiel that are pictured to the right. Both birds are deemed to be some of the most playful breeds of birds and we believed they fit right into our brand .
Motif Iterations
Going along with our playful emphasis, we created a motif to be used within our platform. The basis of the design is textures and patterns found on various bird breeds.
Final Motif Design
Logo Exploration
We wanted our logo to be as fluid and whimsical as the idea of just going with the flow. Inspired by bird wings, we have adapted the form of the W to have a wing—playing off the idea of flying by the seat of your pants.
ITC Grouch is a bold serif typeface that we selected for our headers. This font gives a constrast in structure compared to our flowing logo and and art motif. Avenir medium is used throughout our website and application as a body and subheader typeface.
ITC Grouch
Avenir Medium

Wingin' it

Generates a day of adventure based on a theme, location, and budget. Through machine learning and by partnering with companies like Uber and Venmo, Wingin’ It does the work for you.
Large Interaction: Application
The driving force of our business is the application. Our app is where users generate their curated adventure and how they navigate throughout their journey.
How it works
Through machine learning and user preferences, our app helps to develop a tailored adventure for each individual user. Wingin'it also will be working with local businesses in each area that our application is available, in order to make each experience unique to their community.

To create their customized event, users take a brief survey to give parameters for what they wish to do, focusing on budget, location, time, transportation, amount of people, and mood. We have utilized language that is inherently vague so that users are able to play in the idea of spontaneity of not knowing exactly what they are going to
be doing.

We want everyone to be able to wing it, we took a special interest in special considerations that would need to be made, such as mobility impairments or food allergies.

After the Wingin’ It app has created a large enough base in the area, we will then increase touch-points for users through the introduction of a vending machine and a physical space.
Summarized Workflow
1. Home Screen
See if your friends are adventuring on the app.
2. Amount of People
Add friends through username or phone number.
3. Interests
Choose what you are interested in doing. “No egrets “is a randomized option.
4. Budget
This will make sure that if you are out with others you won’t be obligated to spend more than you want.
5. Schedule
Has to be the day of, but you can decide how long you want to be out.
6. Events
Choose 1/3 options provided to add to your nest. If with others, it will decide the most favored options.
7. Ride-sharing
See if how much it would cost between friends if you decide to use ride-sharing transportation.
See where your events are on the map. Get notifications when it is time to move to the next location.
Moving forward
After the Wingin’ It app has created a large enough base in the area, we will then increase touchpoints for users through the introduction of a vending machine and a physical space.
Medium Interaction: Vending Machine
The vending machine element took inspiration from many companies who have been releasing a similar component. Lulu Lemon is one of the brands who most recently launched a pop up vending machine called the Run Stop Shop. Two of these vending machines have been created and they have been placed in New York City and Chicago just in time for marathon season.

Another precedent we saw was the “weirdest, wildest vending machines located in Portland, Oregon. Five years ago, Taylor Valdes started the Venderia, a business specializing in custom vending machines. Currently found at seven locations across town, plus ones in Vancouver and Corvallis, Venderia machines contain everything from drugstore items and random objects Valdes found while rummaging through her late uncle’s drawers to handcrafted art projects, “misfortune cookies,”“bummer zines,” and, yes, paper bags containing a toy animal and handwritten fortune. Both of these previous vending machine ideas sparked the idea for our very own pop up vending machine.
How it works
The Wingin’ It vending machines are intended to be placed strategically throughout the city, near coffee shops or bars. To use one of our vending machines, one simply walks and up and pays a price of $1 for an envelope. Inside the envelope is a code you can input into the app. After entering the code, Wingin’ it shows you a random itinerary from the envelope you selected in the vending machine. You can choose if you would like to go on it the random trip, or explore the app for a more personal itinerary. Each vending machine also includes one envelope that holds a code that would give one lucky user an all expenses paid adventure!
Large Interaction: Pop-up Exhibition
Our pop-up exhibition was inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream in San Fransisco, which was inspired by creating an experiential ice cream experience that is very instagrammable for millennials/gen z. This concept matched very well with our brand Wingin’ it, which is largely inspired by birds. We wanted to incorporate this idea with our “wing bar” which would focus on bird themed foods.

For our exhibition space, we were inspired by the teamLab borderless in Digital Art Museum created by art collective teamLab in Tokyo, Japan. Their concept includes “Artworks move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other with no boundaries.” This inspired the idea of how our exhibition can interact with the user. We wanted the exhibition space to be an abstract concept of our overall platform is as well as the most spontaneous touch point. When you walk into the exhibition, inside the space is covered with moving abstract videos. Depending on what you touch and sync with your device as well as machine learning, the exhibition space will decide on an adventure for you. For example, depending on what the color, speed, and movement of a particular video you choose can completely change what your final experience will be.

How it works
1. Ticket booth: Information about the popup space and how to download the app
2.Wing Bar: A social area for visitors to grab a themed snack
3.Exhibition Space: the curated adventure experience
4.Merchandise:Various forms of merchandise from bird calls to t-shirts

Our third touch point includes our pop-up exhibition space. This example is what our exhibition space could look like in a large warehouse, but will most likely be in smaller venues. The walkthrough would include the ticket booth, wings bar, exhibition, and merch area.

Currently, the experience that is curated will be within walking distance of the pop-up shop to drive more incentive to go on your adventure. Once you have left the exhibition space, outside is a merch section that includes primarily t-shirts but is soon to include more spontaneous bird theme gifts.
We wanted our advertisements to be intentionally vague and intriguing. To create this effect we selected two potential events one could have on their itinerary and mash them together. The pictures invoke an idea of spontaneity and silliness while fitting in with our branding language.
Final Video and Magazine

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